You Are Not Alone: We Are in This Fight Together By Peter Femia In 1994, I did my first “walk through” as a rookie at the Union County Jail, in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I walked onto the tier and felt the eyes of the inmates weighing heavily upon me—studying, examining and scrutinizing my appearance, my … Read more

Sheriff Clarke Speaks Out

Dropping the ball: The FBI and mass shootings Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. (Ret.) The latest school shooting massacre in Florida once again leaves law enforcement with egg on its face. It seems that law enforcement failed in some degree regarding many recent mass shootings or terror attacks. The headline in the days following an … Read more

Straight Forward

My Message For Officers Facing Challenging Times By Paul O’Connor If you’re facing a difficult time, I want you to take a moment to hear my story. I was involved in a shooting in which I was shot and beaten by a fugitive from justice. It was four days before Christmas. The fugitive was wanted … Read more