Police Chaplain’s Perspective

Faith in the Wake of Tragedy By Chris Amos Today our hearts are collectively broken for the victims, families, first responders and all of those impacted by the horrific shooting in Vegas. I was spending time with the Lord this morning trying to make sense of it all. Trying to find good in something so … Read more


20 years later, Railroad Killer’s only survivor continues to support other victims through nonprofit group Holly Dunn is the only survivor after the “Railroad Killer” went on a murdering spree in the 1990s By Rebecca Calhoun August 28 will mark the 20th anniversary of Holly Dunn’s sole survival of the infamous “Railroad Killer” Angel Maturino … Read more

Cover Story

“Forget Me Not” In Remembrance: Detective Miosotis Familia By Joel E. Gordon According to the Urban Dictionary warriors are women and men that are fearless, strong and skilled fighters that are lacking in our modern times. A warrior is a person who beyond all obstacles still manages to be successful. Intelligent, strong, determined, and skillful, … Read more


John Dillinger: The Death of America’s First Public Enemy Number One By George Beck Cook County Morgue, July 24, 1934. “My boy!” were the words 70–year-old John Wilson Dillinger cried as he tried to hold back his emotions in the Cook County, Chicago morgue. His beloved son, John Herbert Dillinger, lay before him, clean, cold, … Read more