Cover Story

The Tragic Toll of Police Work By Joseph Pangaro, CPM Click play button to listen to story or continue reading below Having served my community for 27 years, I have come to some understanding about this career in law enforcement and the things we do. Our profession calls on us to be the calm during … Read more

Legal News

Background Checks By Timothy C. Parlatore, Esq. In the wake of yet another tragic school shooting, politicians and activists immediately turn to the familiar debate over gun control. Given the high emotions on both sides of this divisive issue, the debate is rarely productive and no real changes occur, other than to stoke more anger … Read more


PTSD: The Hidden Killer of Law Enforcement By William Peppard Any time a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty is a cause for sorrow. Police agencies are traumatized with the death of one of their own. There is nothing sadder than attending a police funeral, however there are other dangers that … Read more

Up Close

It’s not how they DIED that made them heroes, it’s how they LIVED By Valarie Velazquez-Stetz Vince Gibson tells the story of his younger brother, Philadelphia Det. Joseph Gibson #8105. Vince has been fighting for his brother’s honor ever since he took his own life on 12/26/2010. Joseph grew up with a great family with … Read more